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The newest addition to the Nomad designer lineup has arrived just in time for the holidays and is already flying off the shelves. Meet the husband and wife design team of Fitzgerald Forbes. Based in Santa Barbara, California, the lovely handmade baubles created by this duo are classic yet unique, natural yet modern. Read more to find out about what inspires these two, and visit the truck and pop up shop to snag the lovelies of their Cast Natural: Grain Collection.

When did you begin creating jewelry?
While I was studying Architecture at RISD, I had the desire to translate my design concepts into different mediums.  Jewelry and Metalsmithing offered an introductory studio that I registered for during my junior year.  It was a great experience that allowed me to create wearable, volumetric objects.  My work has evolved into a casting process, but is still directly influenced by my architecture background.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Architecture and Apparel Design have been the main sources of inspiration.  Between the two disciplines, there is a correlation with the act of construction and the focus on lines that inspires me and keep me moving in and out at different scales.  Traveling has also become an important point of inspiration.  Our Travel Inspiration Collection is an on-going series of the photographs that I take while we travel.  After looking at the photographs, it will be evident that I am drawn to three-dimensional patterns, shadows and abandoned landscapes to name a few.  In addition to the Travel Inspiration Collection, my tumblr also serves as a collection of found inspiration that I regularly add to.


Stack Rings in Bronze & Brass – $15

How has your process or style evolved over the years?
Process has always been something that I have approached with a meticulous, labor intensive mentality, often incorporating writing along with material investigation.  Through the years, my style has become more minimal and simplistic in form, but still carries a strong emphasis within the details.  The details add a complexity to the minimal forms that in turn adds a richness to the pieces.

Has any one single person been an influence on your brand? If so, who?
Our brand was developed as an outlet for us to express ourselves as designers.  Our designs are informed by materials and driven by process.  However, one of the most influential components to our work and our process has been traveling.  We spend a lot of time experiencing new places and meeting new people.  Traveling has helped us reflect on our goals and the message that we want to relay through our designs.

Is there anything else you want to include?
As a brand, we are intrigued by every aspect of living; where people live, what they surround themselves with and how they express themselves.  We are currently exploring other materials and processes at different scales.  This has been an exciting beginning and we are eager to continue moving forward.

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Cast Natural: Grain Necklace// Textured – $45



Cast Natural: Grain Bracelet (Large) – $70



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