How To Be A Road Trip Warrior

We at the Nomad Truck, obviously know a thing or two about being on the open road. Each morning, we hop in our big beautiful yellow lady (otherwise known as Bertha) and cruise to our spot of the day where we settle down, and set up shop for all our fellow Nomad chicks. Being warriors of the open road ourselves, we wanted to talk road trip clothes and how each and every one of you can dress like the absolute road trip goddesses that you are!

On the truck right now, we’ve got a ton of great, comfortable yet seriously cute road trip appropriate wear.

Step One for becoming a Road Trip Warrior:
A great tee – we are currently carrying a ton of really soft, beautiful tees with lots of reminders of california, summer and sunshine. At just $32, the below pictured navy tank is one you could rock road trip after road trip.

photo copy 2

Step Two becoming a Road Trip Warrior:
Flowy pants/maxi skirt – When riding in the car for many hours to your next incredible destination, you want to feel comfy and have room to wiggle around as you please. Try our super soft Summer Lovin’ Flare Pants ($52), or one of the gauzy, airy maxi skirts pictured below (left to right, $52, $68, $52).


photo 1

Step Three for Road Trip Wear:
Get some long beautiful chains around your neck, a hat on your head, and a camera in your purse and explore explore explore! Oh, and don’t forget to turn up those sweet road trip tunes!

photo copy

Come find all your road trip needs on board The Nomad Truck, and come road tripppin’ with us!

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