Designer Spotlight: Ragen Jewels

We here at Nomad have had the pleasure of working with some of our favorite ladies at one of our favorite jewelry lines, Ragen Jewels. Ragen is a jewelry design brand featuring charmed necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. What is most interesting about the collection pieces is their easy “stack ability” aspect – we love stackers! Most of the pieces are symbolic statements, protecting and validating the beauty if the wearer. 🙂 Read on for more on Ragen Jewels in our interview with designer Negar Nadimi, and drop by the truck to snag your own!

When did you begin creating jewelry? 

 About 2.5 years ago I came back from a trip in the Middle East and I was so inspired by the artistic presence and designs there that I started to design my first charm necklace. As soon as I started wearing the piece, I got compliments and requests from friends to make them pieces as well…. it all grew from there. 

Where does your inspiration come from? 

Geographically from southern Europe and the Mediterranean culture. The gold from the sun, all the hues of blue- turquoise to the darkest navy, from seagulls and starfishes to the belief in evil eyes. And from all the charms I got as a kid as gifts…my first piece was a ladybug, which I still own and wear with my fine jewelry.

How has your process or style evolved over the years?

It s always about meaningful symbolism…the colors and the metals are contrasts…I try to design pieces that are soulful and playful at the same time. So each piece varies as everyone’s state of mind and mood varies all the time.

 Has any one single person been an influence on your brand? If so, who? 

All the women in my family growing up… and of course growing up in southern France couldn’t help being influenced by all the chic women stacking gold and charms as bracelets or necklaces, it all impacted my esthetic for wearing jewelry.


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