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Spring Fever!

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, and while the four layers I put on before leaving my Brooklyn apartment this morning lead me to feel otherwise, Spring is on its way, slowly crawling upon us like it always does. Gloves, hat, scarf one morning, then boom!  – the blooming, rich hues of April, flowers abound, sun shining,  a return to the outdoors!

This spring is especially significant for me as it means the grand opening of my mobile boutique, Nomad! While the winter months have blessed me with a variety of new, interesting (albeit cold) experiences – I am now the proud owner of a truck (saying that will never get old) – I am feeling more and more feverish about the new season among us. I’m excited, anxious, nervous, and have that feeling you get when you are on an airplane shooting down the runway for liftoff, and its going so fast that you are literally pressed back in your seat.

Going where any twenty-four year old trying to self soothe goes (ahem, Pinterest) I discovered the Bill Cosby quote below, and started to cool down a bit. Bring it on, spring. Let’s do this.

spring fever

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