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Nomad On The Road

As many of you know, we took a road trip down South last winter, making stops in Savannah, GA, Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA, and Wilmington, NC along the way. It was a jam packed adventure, and filming the whole time, we created a short documentary of our journey.

Our film, Nomad On The Road, encompasses not only our adventures down South, but what it truly means to be free-spirited, open minded, courageous, and a loving, giving, daring, truckin’ Nomad.

Enjoy 🙂

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Next Stop: Nyack!

Want to skip town for the weekend or take a day trip out of the hectic city? Come visit Nyack, New York with us this Sunday October 12th!

Nyack’s beauty doesn’t just come from it’s gorgeous views and fall foliage this time of year, but it’s charm, historical landmarks, and attractions make this the village you want to visit. Just under an hour by car and just over an hour by train, you won’t regret visiting this charming town. Not only will you find yourself getting lost (the good kind of lost) at their famous street fair this Sunday, you will also be surrounded by art centers, theaters, and sweet little bed and breakfasts just in case you don’t want to leave.

Nyack Panorama

Take a break this weekend and treat yourself to a day out of the city, and while you’re out there, you can find us at the Nyack Street Fair on the corner of Broadway and Burd Street from 10am – 5pm. From handmade crafts, antiques, clothing, and great food filling up the streets, you will be so glad you came 🙂

Check out for any further info and plan that trip, girl!

See you there!



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How To Be A Road Trip Warrior

We at the Nomad Truck, obviously know a thing or two about being on the open road. Each morning, we hop in our big beautiful yellow lady (otherwise known as Bertha) and cruise to our spot of the day where we settle down, and set up shop for all our fellow Nomad chicks. Being warriors of the open road ourselves, we wanted to talk road trip clothes and how each and every one of you can dress like the absolute road trip goddesses that you are!

On the truck right now, we’ve got a ton of great, comfortable yet seriously cute road trip appropriate wear.

Step One for becoming a Road Trip Warrior:
A great tee – we are currently carrying a ton of really soft, beautiful tees with lots of reminders of california, summer and sunshine. At just $32, the below pictured navy tank is one you could rock road trip after road trip.

photo copy 2

Step Two becoming a Road Trip Warrior:
Flowy pants/maxi skirt – When riding in the car for many hours to your next incredible destination, you want to feel comfy and have room to wiggle around as you please. Try our super soft Summer Lovin’ Flare Pants ($52), or one of the gauzy, airy maxi skirts pictured below (left to right, $52, $68, $52).


photo 1

Step Three for Road Trip Wear:
Get some long beautiful chains around your neck, a hat on your head, and a camera in your purse and explore explore explore! Oh, and don’t forget to turn up those sweet road trip tunes!

photo copy

Come find all your road trip needs on board The Nomad Truck, and come road tripppin’ with us!

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California Dreaming

Whew! What a crazy past few weeks of travel we’ve had! After our long trek home from Wilmington, NC (the finale of our road trip – more on this coming soon!), we switched gears and hopped on a plane to California to do some buying for Spring.

Ah, California. Land of sunshine, palm trees, and that coveted easy breezy lifestyle New Yorkers like us always secretly crave but can never commit to.  Now back and bundled at our frigid Brooklyn headquarters, a quick ode to The Mama’s and The Papas who said it right: “I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA”.

Anyway, while temperatures continue to dip and yet another snowstorm is brewing for the weekend, we’ve got sunny springtime in NYC on our minds. And while California sure possesses an appetizing flair, springtime in New York just can’t be beat.

So what are we forecasting once the weather forecast gets warmer? Florals, fringe, and flare that’s what. We picked up tons of floral shift dresses, fringe kimonos, and 70’s inspired flared tops and bottoms. Take a peek at our preview below, and be sure to stay tuned for truck stops in the next few weeks!







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