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Behind the Wheel with Molly McAdoo

Nomad’s newest team member dishes on insomnia, back to school outfits, and her new gig truckin’!

It’s 2:25 AM.

I can’t turn off the brain. I’m thinking those clogs will look great with the high waisted denim skirt and that new leotard (!). Oh! Or that great vintage Hawaii T (!). OOOH! Gotta figure out a way to wear that leather vest (!).

These are the thoughts that fill my head (all day everyday?) when I can’t fall asleep at night. And they have ever since I was a tiny little girl, struggling to fall asleep in elementary school, fantasizing about the perfect outfit for the next day. Sometimes dreaming beyond the next day and just thinking outfits in general. For life.

I’ve never known quite what to do with this obsession. I just style in my brain for myself on the regular. I shop (too much and too often), building my collection of clothes to make the nighttime styling fits more fruitful, helping the pool to pull from grow.But now that I’m part of team Nomad, somehow, it feels like I will be able to channel this obsession and have a place to put it into action.

So, won’t ya come find the Nomad Truck and let me help build you the perfect outfit, in broad daylight (!).

The first time I saw Nomad, it really felt like, in some way, now I know what to do with this obsession, this love of, this passion for, well, clothes. The clothes that Jessie has curated and collected from all over-local designers, friends she’s met on her journeys, small boutique companies, are beeeaaautiful. Some are sexy. Some are comfy. All are hip and exciting (to me!).  And the jewelry…oh the jewelry. There are long delicate necklaces with sharp, unique geometric shapes.  Big chunky rings of all different shapes and colors. Amazing beaded bracelets to be stacked perfectly along the wrist, and earrings that are delicate and dainty and perfect or textured and weighty and dangly. The opportunities to build killer outfits are endless. And you can find them on our amazing truck cruising the greater NYC area on any given day.

Not only is the selection on the truck thrilling, the truck itself is amazing! My first time walking onto the truck felt magical. There is something so special about walking into one of the loveliest boutique stores you’ve ever seen and then to pinch yourself with “WAIT, I’M ON A TRUCK”.  Being in the space of the store itself, one would never believe they’re on a truck, except for the fact that the only way you got there was by having seen the big beautiful yellow lady parked somewhere, perhaps Jersey City, Long Island City, the Highline, Williamsburg, whatever magical lucky spot we ladies of Nomad chose on that given day, and you climbed the vine covered wooden steps to get into the world of Nomad. I loved watching customers go thru the same experience I had when I first got on the truck. Everyone seems to be struck by the wonder of this wandering boutique. There’s magic happening on that there truck. And oh so many outfits to be built and styled and WORN. Come experience it for yourself and get into the goodness of the Nomad.

Perhaps now I will no longer be seeing those laaate night numbers on my clock staring back at me as my mind drifts from leotards to vintage T’s to clogs since my dreams get to come true every single time I walk on the truck.

I’ll think about it this way: quicker I fall asleep, quicker I’m back on the Nomad!


First day on the job and first purchase from the Nomad!

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Headlights on: Karma for a Cure

This month, we’re launching a new featured designer series to give you some up close insight on the unique, creative, and impressive designers we carry on board our truck. This week’s Headlights On showcases Karma for a Cure – the inspiring hand-drawn t-shirt line by NJ native, Margaux Minutolo. Read on for our behind the scenes interview with Margaux and visit our truck to purchase your Karma for a Cure today!

When did you launch Karma for a Cure? I launched the brand through our e-commerce website on December 3, 2012. Our official launch event into NYFW was in Feb 2013.

Where does your inspiration come from? My inspiration to create Karma for a Cure came from my father’s battle with prostate, lung and brain cancer. I wanted to create a brand that meshed fashion & philanthropy on a daily basis. A brand that was wearable, comfortable. high-quality, and that created awareness in an artistic way. This brand is for my fellow “philanthropic fashionistas” who want to give back to charity and look fabulous while doing so.

How has your process or style evolved? My process has evolved in so many ways. Each design I sketch not only has to relate to a cause, but it has to follow future fashion trends and, most importantly, it has to be unique. Like a piece of artwork, my designs have a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. My style has evolved into two customers: an edgy, downtown New Yorker and a bohemian free spirit.

Has any one single person been an influence on your brand? My father has been a huge influence on me and my brand. He was a talented painter when he was younger, which immersed me into art at an early age. Growing up with a father battling cancer since I was 12 years old, gave me a natural passion to support charities and families going through similar hardships. Last year when my father was diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable lung cancer, it was one of the hardest battles my family has faced. His strength and positive mindset to fight cancer gave me the inspiration to create Karma for a Cure.

What do you hope for the future? I hope to continue designing pieces that create awareness for a younger generation. It would be amazing to build an army of supporters who join the movement in spreading good karma worldwide. I wish to inspire other individuals and companies to give back, no matter how much…every bit counts.

Anything else you would like to include? This brand is not only a dedication to my father, but a dedication to every survivor, supporter, or lost solider. Wishing you all positive and happy karma, xo. 

Heart of Gold Tank featured in our #ootd via Instagram


Free Spirit Tee via

Heart of Gold Tank via

Heart of Gold Tank via


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‘Cause The Free Wind is Blowing Through Your Hair

In early April, Nomad held it’s very first photo shoot and enjoyed a few hours of country breeze and relaxation in Cold Spring, NY.

Riding up Route 9 in my little VW, the crisp country air reminded me for a second of how simple everything really is – err, should be. I couldn’t help but belt out the lyrics to America’s Ventura Highway (featured in this post’s title for all you out there who didn’t grow up under the rock lovin’ supervision of hippie parents.)

The shoot had a much similar vibe to the classic rock tune and the way I felt that morning driving on the open road – free, easy, laid back. Stylist Miranda Neri played with native inspired prints against white backdrops while photographer Emily Spratt ( incorporated the natural happenings of the landscape behind us. And of course, our stunning model Ali Thompson brings it all together so seamlessly.

Check out the sneak peek below and the full photo album here.

nomad029 nomad013 nomad001





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Grand Opening – April 13th, 2013!

It’s official! Launch party Saturday, April 13th!

Come on out as we celebrate The Wandering Fashion Boutique, and give her the launch party she deserves! Spend $50 or more and enjoy a mimosa on us!

Nomad Grand Opening Flyer

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Spring Fever!

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring, and while the four layers I put on before leaving my Brooklyn apartment this morning lead me to feel otherwise, Spring is on its way, slowly crawling upon us like it always does. Gloves, hat, scarf one morning, then boom!  – the blooming, rich hues of April, flowers abound, sun shining,  a return to the outdoors!

This spring is especially significant for me as it means the grand opening of my mobile boutique, Nomad! While the winter months have blessed me with a variety of new, interesting (albeit cold) experiences – I am now the proud owner of a truck (saying that will never get old) – I am feeling more and more feverish about the new season among us. I’m excited, anxious, nervous, and have that feeling you get when you are on an airplane shooting down the runway for liftoff, and its going so fast that you are literally pressed back in your seat.

Going where any twenty-four year old trying to self soothe goes (ahem, Pinterest) I discovered the Bill Cosby quote below, and started to cool down a bit. Bring it on, spring. Let’s do this.

spring fever

Source: via Pinterest


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