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Behind the Scenes: E-Commerce Photoshoot

Last weekend, some loyal members of the Nomad team assembled at Studios LIC in Queens for our very first e-commerce photo shoot. You read right, we are launching a website! Come April, you’ll be able to shop Nomad online any time of day.

Below are some behind the scenes selects, but also be sure to check out the full album here.





A special thanks to all the talented people that made this possible:

Photography: Spencer Starnes
Styling: Miranda Neri
BTS Photography: Joan Costello
Makeup: Dominique Farina
Hair: Jodi Goodacre

…plus our models: Molly McAdoo, Joan Costello, and Jasmine Kaleka 🙂 Be on the look out for a web launch in early April!

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California Dreaming

Whew! What a crazy past few weeks of travel we’ve had! After our long trek home from Wilmington, NC (the finale of our road trip – more on this coming soon!), we switched gears and hopped on a plane to California to do some buying for Spring.

Ah, California. Land of sunshine, palm trees, and that coveted easy breezy lifestyle New Yorkers like us always secretly crave but can never commit to.  Now back and bundled at our frigid Brooklyn headquarters, a quick ode to The Mama’s and The Papas who said it right: “I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA”.

Anyway, while temperatures continue to dip and yet another snowstorm is brewing for the weekend, we’ve got sunny springtime in NYC on our minds. And while California sure possesses an appetizing flair, springtime in New York just can’t be beat.

So what are we forecasting once the weather forecast gets warmer? Florals, fringe, and flare that’s what. We picked up tons of floral shift dresses, fringe kimonos, and 70’s inspired flared tops and bottoms. Take a peek at our preview below, and be sure to stay tuned for truck stops in the next few weeks!







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Headlights On: Interstellar Love Craft

Here at Nomad, one of our most important endeavors has been our collaborations with budding young designers. We are so lucky to have had our path cross with that of Rochester-based Marisa Krol, the talented crafter and visionary behind the handmade metal jewelry line, Interstellar Love Craft. Known for simple yet elegant geometric pieces (some of our faves include silver triangle studs, and brass lotus drop earrings), all of Marisa’s delicate creations seem to fly off our shelves. Read on to hear more about what inspired this crafter to get crafting, and peek a behind the scenes video by Mike Giardino of Pallette Films here.

photo copy 5

Marisa visits the truck in NYC!


When did you begin creating jewelry?

I began creating jewelry about 4 years ago.  I had just returned from 4 months of travel/volunteering in South America and felt very compelled to create adornment and take my creative pursuits more seriously.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Many places.  Through spontaneous thoughts, dreams, experimentation, quiet moments, busy surroundings full of life, the brilliant creatives and friends I keep company with, through hope that somehow creating beautiful things makes a positive difference, discipline, and trust that for now, I am supposed to be making jewelry.  It is where I feel I belong.

How has your process or style evolved over the years?

It feels more intuitive then ever before.  I think I was more fearful in the beginning and uncertain.  Now, I feel more relaxed and comfortable in my own skin.  I think that is apart of growing older period, and the work I believe, reflects that.

Has any one single person been an influence on your brand? If so, who?

I can’t say a single individual has had that kind of overwhelming influence on my brand.  I can say a certain type of woman has–she is strong, creative, savvy, intelligent, style-setting, a revolutionary type.  She is herself, paving her path as only she can.  She is in every woman, and I make adornment for her to remind her of these qualities.









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Daytrippin’ to the Trade Shows

Earlier this month, we headed to the Javits Center and attended Fame and Accessories The Show to get first dibs on Spring buying.  As usual, the large convention center was packed with various brands and stunning styles for the new season – a shopper’s dream really! But we stayed focused and picked out the best of best for you – and boy did we score some funky fresh threads!

On board the truck this Spring (and online – more details coming soon!), you’ll find tons of embroidered peasant tops and crochet cardigans. Our affinity for the kimono is still going strong, and we’ve got some beautiful floral and fringe babies on order.

photo copy

photo copy 3

Some standouts that we just might steal for ourselves: this killer tribal jacket by our fave Under Skies, and this cropped white embroidered top (pair it with a printed maxi skirt and floppy hat for an instant Cali beach babe look).

photo copy 4

photo copy 2

Stay tuned for more updates on Spring styles – we’re making a trip out west at the end of February to stock up on even more goodness 🙂

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Headlights on: Fitzgerald Forbes

The newest addition to the Nomad designer lineup has arrived just in time for the holidays and is already flying off the shelves. Meet the husband and wife design team of Fitzgerald Forbes. Based in Santa Barbara, California, the lovely handmade baubles created by this duo are classic yet unique, natural yet modern. Read more to find out about what inspires these two, and visit the truck and pop up shop to snag the lovelies of their Cast Natural: Grain Collection.

When did you begin creating jewelry?
While I was studying Architecture at RISD, I had the desire to translate my design concepts into different mediums.  Jewelry and Metalsmithing offered an introductory studio that I registered for during my junior year.  It was a great experience that allowed me to create wearable, volumetric objects.  My work has evolved into a casting process, but is still directly influenced by my architecture background.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Architecture and Apparel Design have been the main sources of inspiration.  Between the two disciplines, there is a correlation with the act of construction and the focus on lines that inspires me and keep me moving in and out at different scales.  Traveling has also become an important point of inspiration.  Our Travel Inspiration Collection is an on-going series of the photographs that I take while we travel.  After looking at the photographs, it will be evident that I am drawn to three-dimensional patterns, shadows and abandoned landscapes to name a few.  In addition to the Travel Inspiration Collection, my tumblr also serves as a collection of found inspiration that I regularly add to.


Stack Rings in Bronze & Brass – $15

How has your process or style evolved over the years?
Process has always been something that I have approached with a meticulous, labor intensive mentality, often incorporating writing along with material investigation.  Through the years, my style has become more minimal and simplistic in form, but still carries a strong emphasis within the details.  The details add a complexity to the minimal forms that in turn adds a richness to the pieces.

Has any one single person been an influence on your brand? If so, who?
Our brand was developed as an outlet for us to express ourselves as designers.  Our designs are informed by materials and driven by process.  However, one of the most influential components to our work and our process has been traveling.  We spend a lot of time experiencing new places and meeting new people.  Traveling has helped us reflect on our goals and the message that we want to relay through our designs.

Is there anything else you want to include?
As a brand, we are intrigued by every aspect of living; where people live, what they surround themselves with and how they express themselves.  We are currently exploring other materials and processes at different scales.  This has been an exciting beginning and we are eager to continue moving forward.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Cast Natural: Grain Necklace// Textured – $45



Cast Natural: Grain Bracelet (Large) – $70



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December’s Obsession: VELVET

Tis the season to be bundlin’ up and lookin’ festive, and what better way than wearing the ever beautiful wintery staple, velvet. We are kind of dying over all the velvet we’ve got in this season. And you better come on board or to our pop-up quick before WE take all of our beautiful pieces off the racks to wear ourselves.

We’ve got a beautiful maroon colored skater-skirt, pictured below with our fabulous fringe kimono, at the amazing price of $45. Or, try our black Sugar Lips dress, with delicate lace details down the scoop back and deep-V in the front. This one is sexy and festive, and at $74, it could be THE dress of this Holiday season. We’ve got an adorable pair of black shorts, that will look amazing with a pair of detailed knit tights. They come with a pop of gold on the button detail on the waist, for just a hint of sparkle.  And lastly (not pictured) we have an amazing pair of black slacks at $82 that will keep you feeling cozy for sure, but looking ever sophisticated and fancy for work or a night out on the town.

This holiday season, velvet is where it’s at. And the Nomad Truck is the spot to grab some really yummy velvet goods.


photo copy

photo copy 2

 photo copy 3

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Holiday Shopping at Happy Prices

It’s that time of year again, the most wonderful time, and you MUST get your sweet selves to our Williamsburg Holiday Popup Shop at The Shops at 240 Kent Avenue. We’ve got lots of beautiful things to give to your secret santa, place under your hannukah bush, or stuff into those stockings! Here are our five fave gift goodies for this year’s Holidays at the happiest of prices.

1. Paddywax Handpoured Soy Wax Candles

These beautifully colored, amazingly scented candles are a must for gift giving this year. Coming in two difference sized Mason jars, the smaller at $10 and larger at $20 each, you really must share the goodness of such scents as fresh fig and cardamom, blood orange and citrus, lavender and thyme, and ocean tide and sea salt.

photo copy 24

 2. Fair Trade Notebooks

These vibrant notebooks from Handmade Expressions are a perfect idea for a stocking stuffer this season. Coming in two different sizes, the smaller at $20 is a beautiful blue floral print with a wrap around string tie, and the larger at $36 is a bright floral quilted pattern with a leather snap front. These journals are made in India and their beautiful handmade details cannot be missed. Share the beauty!

picstitch copy 2

3. Ragen Stacking Bracelets

Our Ragen bracelets are some of our favorite pieces on the truck and in the store. These are the perfect delicate bracelet with a little bit of sparkle to brighten up any outfit, day or night. The dainty chains come in silver, gold, and rose gold and feature such beautiful tiny details as the evil eye or the hamsa (the hand) for good luck and safety. At $45 each, you may be able to pick one up as a gift, and one for yourself!

4.  Cozy Infinity Scarves

We have a wonderful selection of super warm, super cozy infinity scarves that we are LOVING this season.  At $38 each, consider giving the gift of warmth this year. Each scarf is made of a beautiful thick knit, in a two toned color pattern and add a little bit of style and a whole lotta warmth to any outfit.

5. Slave Bracelets with Semi-Precious Stones

Now, this is a gift I hope Santa leaves under MY tree. What is a slave bracelet you may ask? That is the name for the beautiful bracelets that are connected to rings and you wear them over the top of your hand. We, in the Nomad Popup, have three different kinds of beautiful slave bracelets, all with dainty and delicate shimmery gold chains and a beautiful assortment of colorful semi-precious stones. Our three different styles range in price due to detail and shape, the least detailed comes in at $34 with one predominantly featured stone, the next at $38 with an assortment with smaller stones and finally at $40 we have four large stones with beautiful chain detailing. I think these will make anyone’s holiday a happy one!



Happy Holidays from all of us here at Nomad!

Be sure to visit us in our Pop Up during the month of December for extended Holiday hours!


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Designer Spotlight: Ragen Jewels

We here at Nomad have had the pleasure of working with some of our favorite ladies at one of our favorite jewelry lines, Ragen Jewels. Ragen is a jewelry design brand featuring charmed necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. What is most interesting about the collection pieces is their easy “stack ability” aspect – we love stackers! Most of the pieces are symbolic statements, protecting and validating the beauty if the wearer. 🙂 Read on for more on Ragen Jewels in our interview with designer Negar Nadimi, and drop by the truck to snag your own!

When did you begin creating jewelry? 

 About 2.5 years ago I came back from a trip in the Middle East and I was so inspired by the artistic presence and designs there that I started to design my first charm necklace. As soon as I started wearing the piece, I got compliments and requests from friends to make them pieces as well…. it all grew from there. 

Where does your inspiration come from? 

Geographically from southern Europe and the Mediterranean culture. The gold from the sun, all the hues of blue- turquoise to the darkest navy, from seagulls and starfishes to the belief in evil eyes. And from all the charms I got as a kid as gifts…my first piece was a ladybug, which I still own and wear with my fine jewelry.

How has your process or style evolved over the years?

It s always about meaningful symbolism…the colors and the metals are contrasts…I try to design pieces that are soulful and playful at the same time. So each piece varies as everyone’s state of mind and mood varies all the time.

 Has any one single person been an influence on your brand? If so, who? 

All the women in my family growing up… and of course growing up in southern France couldn’t help being influenced by all the chic women stacking gold and charms as bracelets or necklaces, it all impacted my esthetic for wearing jewelry.


photo copy

photo copy 2

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Five Frugal Finds

Got twenty dollars? Come on The Nomad Truck and leave with one or more of these goodies!


These Brooklyn based temporary tattoos are to die for! For $5 you get 2 to a pack with amazing designs (like the blue vintage Casio style watch telling you you are LATE) and inspiring wise words (like MAKERS GONNA MAKE). These beauties last for 3-5 days and add a fun whimsy and badass edition to any getup.



Two rich, beautiful colors in one nail polish? The double sided Nail Candy has many tricks up its sleeves. Coming in a combination of pink and white and black and red, these long lasting polishes are truly sweet. And then, just pop off the top of the cap of each side to find a perfectly fine point nail pen, with which you can make endless designs on your nails. $10.00 is all you gotta spend for some D.I.Y. nail art!


If the cool fall weather ever hits us, you gotta be prepared.  Sock It To Me makes amazingly soft, thick and fun over the knee socks ranging from $12-$18, in woolycozy grey to stripey colorful funs. Keeping wearing those short skirts and keep your little legs warm with Sock It To Me’s beautiful socks.

photo copy 3


We on The Nomad Truck love to stack our hands, wrists, and necks with as many baubles as our little bodies can handle. And this year, we are seriously rocking the knuckle ring. You may find a plain gold band, a tiny jeweled band,  or maybe a golden branch to wear stacked on your hands. And at $5 each, why not grab 2?


You can find many of Lauren Eve Designs’ beautiful and original creations on board The Nomad Truck, from her long beaded necklaces to intricate wrap around handmade bracelets, but her wish bracelets, at $10 a piece are something special. Each one is unique and different, with beautiful charms or words on them. And make sure somebody special helps you tie it on your wrist and say your wish in your mind so when the bracelet falls off after wearing it, that beautiful wish will come. 

photo copy 2

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Summer is on her way out (thought it’s been a good one, thanks girl!!) and we, here on the Nomad Truck are trading in crop tops for beautiful tribal print sweaters and cutoffs for pairs of fresh new skinny jeans. 

It’s always bittersweet to put away the white post labor day and have the feeling of SCHOOL STARTING AGAIN, but how about this year, we celebrate? We embrace fall! We get ready to bundle up in some beautiful knits and we welcome the changing leaves and chillier weather!

The amount of new sweaters that we are daily, putting out into the truck are gearing me up for the months ahead in a biiiig way. Ranging from all sorts of designs and colors, I can guarantee ya that they are all perfectly loungey, warm and cozy, just the way we like ‘em, am I right? This fall, I’m excited to get back into my standard military green jacket that I wear every fall, and figuring out new ways to make it interesting. One of the newest pieces on the truck, a simple straight forward army jacket from the front, has a sweet sweet surprise on the back! When you turn around you see an amazing knit back, with beautiful complimentary colors to the army green and sharp tribal geometric angles and shapes. It’s a brand new spin on the ever trusty military jacket and it is inspiring me to see how I can twist my everyday look upside down and add an element of surprise.


Molly in our Knit Back Military Jacket ($78)

This fall, I am also on the hunt for the just most perfect scarf, my dream scarf: I’m looking for thick beautiful material with lots of length and width that you can wrap around yourself so many times you almost get lost in it. I think what I’m basically looking for is the dreamiest blanketscarf I can find, and I’m determined to find it. We do have an outrageous selection of scarves we are starting to put out on the Nomad Truck everyday (and to tell you the truth, I think my dream scarf is in the selection!! I’m just trying to not take the goods away before we can share ‘em with you guys!), so you must come check ‘em out and find your dream scarf for fall.


Two new cozy knits! (Left, $42, Right, $40)

No matter what you’re wearing or what you’re dreaming of wearing  this fall I hope you stay nice and warm and looking cozy, chic and beautiful. I hope you fall in love and fall into some new adventures, and hold onto the railing when you’re walking onto the Nomad Truck so you don’t fall down the stairs! Hope to see you on the truck, come and get cozy with us.

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