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Next Stop: Nyack!

Want to skip town for the weekend or take a day trip out of the hectic city? Come visit Nyack, New York with us this Sunday October 12th!

Nyack’s beauty doesn’t just come from it’s gorgeous views and fall foliage this time of year, but it’s charm, historical landmarks, and attractions make this the village you want to visit. Just under an hour by car and just over an hour by train, you won’t regret visiting this charming town. Not only will you find yourself getting lost (the good kind of lost) at their famous street fair this Sunday, you will also be surrounded by art centers, theaters, and sweet little bed and breakfasts just in case you don’t want to leave.

Nyack Panorama

Take a break this weekend and treat yourself to a day out of the city, and while you’re out there, you can find us at the Nyack Street Fair on the corner of Broadway and Burd Street from 10am – 5pm. From handmade crafts, antiques, clothing, and great food filling up the streets, you will be so glad you came 🙂

Check out for any further info and plan that trip, girl!

See you there!



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Five Frugal Finds

Got twenty dollars? Come on The Nomad Truck and leave with one or more of these goodies!


These Brooklyn based temporary tattoos are to die for! For $5 you get 2 to a pack with amazing designs (like the blue vintage Casio style watch telling you you are LATE) and inspiring wise words (like MAKERS GONNA MAKE). These beauties last for 3-5 days and add a fun whimsy and badass edition to any getup.



Two rich, beautiful colors in one nail polish? The double sided Nail Candy has many tricks up its sleeves. Coming in a combination of pink and white and black and red, these long lasting polishes are truly sweet. And then, just pop off the top of the cap of each side to find a perfectly fine point nail pen, with which you can make endless designs on your nails. $10.00 is all you gotta spend for some D.I.Y. nail art!


If the cool fall weather ever hits us, you gotta be prepared.  Sock It To Me makes amazingly soft, thick and fun over the knee socks ranging from $12-$18, in woolycozy grey to stripey colorful funs. Keeping wearing those short skirts and keep your little legs warm with Sock It To Me’s beautiful socks.

photo copy 3


We on The Nomad Truck love to stack our hands, wrists, and necks with as many baubles as our little bodies can handle. And this year, we are seriously rocking the knuckle ring. You may find a plain gold band, a tiny jeweled band,  or maybe a golden branch to wear stacked on your hands. And at $5 each, why not grab 2?


You can find many of Lauren Eve Designs’ beautiful and original creations on board The Nomad Truck, from her long beaded necklaces to intricate wrap around handmade bracelets, but her wish bracelets, at $10 a piece are something special. Each one is unique and different, with beautiful charms or words on them. And make sure somebody special helps you tie it on your wrist and say your wish in your mind so when the bracelet falls off after wearing it, that beautiful wish will come. 

photo copy 2

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Summer is on her way out (thought it’s been a good one, thanks girl!!) and we, here on the Nomad Truck are trading in crop tops for beautiful tribal print sweaters and cutoffs for pairs of fresh new skinny jeans. 

It’s always bittersweet to put away the white post labor day and have the feeling of SCHOOL STARTING AGAIN, but how about this year, we celebrate? We embrace fall! We get ready to bundle up in some beautiful knits and we welcome the changing leaves and chillier weather!

The amount of new sweaters that we are daily, putting out into the truck are gearing me up for the months ahead in a biiiig way. Ranging from all sorts of designs and colors, I can guarantee ya that they are all perfectly loungey, warm and cozy, just the way we like ‘em, am I right? This fall, I’m excited to get back into my standard military green jacket that I wear every fall, and figuring out new ways to make it interesting. One of the newest pieces on the truck, a simple straight forward army jacket from the front, has a sweet sweet surprise on the back! When you turn around you see an amazing knit back, with beautiful complimentary colors to the army green and sharp tribal geometric angles and shapes. It’s a brand new spin on the ever trusty military jacket and it is inspiring me to see how I can twist my everyday look upside down and add an element of surprise.


Molly in our Knit Back Military Jacket ($78)

This fall, I am also on the hunt for the just most perfect scarf, my dream scarf: I’m looking for thick beautiful material with lots of length and width that you can wrap around yourself so many times you almost get lost in it. I think what I’m basically looking for is the dreamiest blanketscarf I can find, and I’m determined to find it. We do have an outrageous selection of scarves we are starting to put out on the Nomad Truck everyday (and to tell you the truth, I think my dream scarf is in the selection!! I’m just trying to not take the goods away before we can share ‘em with you guys!), so you must come check ‘em out and find your dream scarf for fall.


Two new cozy knits! (Left, $42, Right, $40)

No matter what you’re wearing or what you’re dreaming of wearing  this fall I hope you stay nice and warm and looking cozy, chic and beautiful. I hope you fall in love and fall into some new adventures, and hold onto the railing when you’re walking onto the Nomad Truck so you don’t fall down the stairs! Hope to see you on the truck, come and get cozy with us.

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